Sunday, 30 October 2011

thing 8: google calendar

my attempts at catching up proved to be less than successful. in fact i've neglected to post at all on here for about a month now and the cpd23 programme has completely finished. hopefully i will get the next 15 posts done some time before the end of the year! at the rate i'm going at it seems unlikely though.

this thing is about google calendar, so it should be a fairly quick read for anyone who's unfortunate enough to stumble across this blog.

google calendar

i have a google calendar, right, i just don't really use it. i don't think i really have anything that needs to be organised. at work i have a very limited number of tasks, so i don't really need a calendar to keep myself organised. at home we have a giant wallchart which we record social engagements on, birthdays and things like that on. i'd like to think that at some point i'll need to use an online calendar to keep myself organised at work, but at the moment i'm too unimportant for that kind of thing.

actually, while we're talking about calendars, we use the calendar feature on outlook at work for various things. my colleagues invite each other to meetings and things, but as i say, i'm not important enough to get invited to meetings and things so this isn't that useful to me either!

so in conclusion, because i'm not going to read through this post and edit it to make it more understandable, i don't use google calendar (or any online calendar) to organise my workload. i will in the future though, i promise.

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