Thursday, 1 September 2011

the sixth thing: online networks

the extra post i promised last week never materialised, did it? i could make some excuse about being very busy but i don't think i was. the truth is that i'm finding this blogging business quite difficult. it takes me ages to write one of these posts, believe it or not. once i get started it's okay, but it feels like a bit of a chore at times. anyhow, there's definitely going to be a bit of extra blog post action going on this week. you lucky person/people.

online networks, then. i'm going to come straight out and declare which ones i use and which ones i don't. i use: facebook, lisnpn and linkedin (barely). i don't use cilip communities or librarians as teachers network. the former is something that i intend to start using in the future while the latter looks a bit irrelevant for me at the moment. it's useful to know about though! i'm going to analyse my use of online networks now (analyse is probably a bit strong). here we go:


i use facebook primarily for personal stuff. i don't really check it all that regularly as it's blocked at work, but occasionally people send me messages or i use it to communicate with people about stuff. i don't really know why i don't just email people instead. i suppose it feels a bit more informal, which is, i imagine, why lots of libraries are using it to communicate with their users nowadays. i don't use any library related resources on facebook currently, but if i was in a position to use facebook more regularly this is something i might look into further. as it is it's just a way for me to contact people without having to be all 'dear sir/madam' about it.


lisnpn is great! i always get the name wrong though. lisnpn doesn't really roll off the tongue, does it? anyway, as i was saying, lisnpn is a great site, although it could do with being a bit busier. i asked for some advice on there the other day and got some really helpful responses. it gave me the confidence to apply for a job that i wasn't going to bother applying for and now i've got an interview, which is exciting. and nerve-racking, but exciting too. i probably won't get the job, but i have more chance of getting it now that i actually applied. thanks lisnpn!


i left this to the end because i didn't want to talk about it. i have set up a linkedin account. in fact i set up my account months ago. i haven't actually gone beyond that stage though. a couple of people i know have added me but i haven't even accepted their requests yet. my profile is completely blank and i need to psyche myself into putting something on there. i can't imagine how it could be of any use to me, but lots of people who know what they're talking about have them. i am definitely going to sort my linkedin profile out soon. if more people add me i might feel more obliged to get things done. so add me, yeah?


despite the fact that, according to this post, i don't use online networks that much, i am a fan of using online networks. i used to post on message boards a lot and i've met some of my closest friends online. i think i just need to get used to the idea that i can use online networks to speak to likeminded information professionals as well as people who like the same music as me or support the same football team i do. if there are any ambient/drone fans that support lower league football clubs and have an interest in cataloguing, get in touch! or like, if you want to get in touch about anything you're more than welcome. i can talk to you about the work that the rnib library does and things like that. cool.

so that's it for another thing. maybe tomorrow i'll do another one? what's the topic for thing 7? ooh, this looks like a good one. see you tomorrow!

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